My World

My world
Lost in a world where no one is sane
I feed on your hunger and your pain Here in this place it always rains
You have everything to lose and nothing to gain
There’s no used to scream and shout You can’t run away because there’s no way out
Don’t worry you’ll be taking care of
You are welcome here because I am the man above
You may ask what is this place
I’ll tell you this it’s not one of senseless taste
Be at ease because here I am in control Someday soon you’ll all lose your souls I wish you could stay but it isn’t up to me
Some things you just have to let be
My world was perfect until I found out this
We all will die and leave this sweet bliss Now I feel I’ve got nothing left
There is more than just some petty theft Now I know that this is some one higher than me
He knows all here’s all and everything is what he sees
You may ask what is this place
No one knows for sure but we are all one race
Nothingness is peaceful on this side And we owe our thanks all to the guide As I sit here watching you
I wonder if God will help see the truth
We hated him for far too long
Ignored the warning signs and sang the same old song
Does he really care about us down here I’ve been made a fool of in front of my peers
It’s come true it’s the one thing I feared it wasn’t my fault can’t you all hear
You may ask what is this place
We will continue on the same pace
This isn’t an open and shut case
Don’t you worry my world won’t disappear without a trace
You’re in my world where anything goes The lightning flashes in the wind always blows
Imade my world perfect or at least that’s what I saw
But being perfect it is my only flaw