Dead Love

Dead love
I felt it when I first saw you
Didn’t express it because I didn’t know if it was true
I would tell you now but it’s too late
Bad things come to those who wait
After a while got tired of waiting for reply
When you left I saw a tear in your eye
Now you’re gone and it’s my love I’ve  lost
I’ve learned from my mistakes but you were the cost
You stayed beside me even though you weren’t sure
Just give me one more chance and I’ll make it mean more
I can’t help but wonder if I had told you how I felt
Would you have still left or would it have helped
I have to know would you still love me
You were the light in my darkness now I can’t see
You were everything then you went away
You’ve left me and now those words I can’t say
Now you are holding him in my place
Left with the pain inside and sorrow on my face
I hope he was smart enough to tell you
I’m happy for him because I know we are through
How good you’ll be to him I want him to know
What you would do for him if only his love he let’s show
Everyone says she is the best thing to ever happen with to me
Though I usually dissent this time I must agree
Her love has made me whole again
You can see I’m not the same man I was back then
It was her who brought the smile back to my face
It was her who brought me joy in this bitter place




Things are never how they appear

But listen not to others please my words hear

It comes to this now an apology I must make

Back my words is something I can never take

I merely hope that you can forgive me

What was done is done but I don’t want it to be

What I did to you I know I was wrong

But I pray your feelings for me are not gone

Just give me one more chance to prove myself

What I have said I meant it is how I felt

And still feel the same but is it the same for thee

To know your answer that is my only plea

I feel as though it was a dream from which I was rudely awoke

But the truth is reality made it all in to a big joke

To just go back to my dreaming is now all that I ask

For all I have is my memories in which to bask

I request another chance just one more try

To you it is that I make this heart filled cry

And to god I make this one last prayer

I just need to know if you still care

And ask for the courage for these words to say

May all the others but this wish fade away

If only I could be a thief again this prize I would never part

For the score in my eyes this time is your heart


I look around and what do I see

People who have it worse than me

All of us just sit here and await

Trapped here with our life as the bait

There’s no time to hate

Here as we wait

I’ve wasted this time

It’s all a useless rhyme

Maybe I should’ve brought something to read

But I realize that is not what I need

We all take a look around

We’re just to afraid to make a sound

There’s no time to hate

Here as we wait

I’ve wasted this time

Speaking a useless rhyme

They call out names one by one

But it never seems to get done

Hours well they drag on by

As we sit living a lie

There’s no time to hate

Here as we wait

Wasting all of your time

With a useless rhyme

Finding a way to make it go quick

Some how you forgot that you were sick

Now don’t you think that you’re clever

Yet it still seems to take forever

There’s no time to hate

Here as we wait

Feeling wasted this time

On this useless rhyme

I don’t want to stay here no more

Cause I’ve forgotten what I came for

Just want this to all end

Or is that too much for you to pretend

There’s no time to hate

Here as we wait

Are you wasted this time

Can you understand this rhyme

Just open your eyes to see

The friend that you had in me

I will forever carry this pain

If I were Able then you were Cain

Hope your life turned to a success

Cause you made mine d*mn worthless


It’s the truth though it’s hard to believe

It’s even more than my mind could have conceived

Though it sounds strange this is the true

I have fallen in love with you

There’s only one thing that stops me from confessing

The pressure of my friends pressing

On me I can’t handle it it’s just too much

So it is for these reasons I have kept it such a hush

This will be the only medium in which I have ever said

What I feel in my stomach and think in my head

This thing is the  closest to anything I could fear

That is why my friends shall never hear

For I will never tell another living soul

But in some way my affection you have stole

Aside from this no one else knows

And I hope that it never shows

I know that you feel the same for me

But because of things unsaid it will never be

Now time has gone by and I know that it was true

I still feel the same but is it the same for you?

The Truth

There’s nothing else much to say

At first I just thought it was clay

Even though it’s only been a few weeks

We have already walked through the bleak

We have known each other for quite some time

And there are some that might consider this a crime

But if they don’t like what we have done oh well

So let them if they wish to condemn us to hell

Honestly it doesn’t matter I just don’t care

As long as I know that you are there

Then the other night when I told you how I felt

And when you answered the same my heart began to melt

But no sooner could I bring myself to tell you

I guess that I’m just a little afraid too

Although I know there’s no reason to be scared for

But these feelings run down to the core

To those who doubt us it doesn’t matter what you do

For the truth is I love you

A Word to Believe In

A Word to Believe In

There have always been bad things here,
But, from my eyes there never was tear;
And just when I was about to give in.
You came along and let all these new things in.
I can see now all that I have missed out on,
And it’s a scary thing to not be alone.
I know that you too have had a run of bad luck;
For this is harder to believe, than it is to shuck.
But I also know that this is the way it is supposed to be,
Because for the first time ever someone has looked at me.
There are no words that I could say to let you see how I feel,
And there are none that can let you know that it’s real.
But I have my word, which is all that I’ve got,
I thank you for giving me this one shot.
This single, solitary chance to prove I’m true,
And for all the time, and emotions, that I’ve gotten from you.
You are a first, the first, to ever try to understand,
Therefore, I owe you the opportunity to know the man.
I may seem to be complicated, but it’s all I show,
I do that, because that’s the only thing I know.
I made myself to where no one could get to me,
And fixed it to where the lies, they could not see.
My eyes hid everything, just like they were supposed to,
But know that I could never lie to you.
Since you came along, you turned my world upside down,
I get lost if I think of you not being around
You mean so much to me and you did it in so little time
It scares me maybe I’m just losing my mind
But I don’t want to scare, so if I have, I apologize
This was something I could not hide
I know you may worry about whether my intentions are true.
But worry not for I could never do anything to hurt you
I’m falling for you faster and harder with every passing day,
And though  make it seem easy, but this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say
But I just had to let you know, how I feel about you
And to assure you that I’ll be here as long as you want me to


Insane (2013 video game)

Insane (2013 video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There aren’t enough thoughts

But there are too many faults

I think I’m going insane

Can’t you stop the pain

I can’t stop what I can not control

No longer do I have a caring soul

What have I gotten myself into

Don’t let it happen to you

Love me hate me shape me rape me take me make me you

I’ll create it destroy it care for it abuse it too

I know you know we know they know that it just wont show

Be free look and see try and fly just die hold on you turn me on then you go

I no longer can see

This world like it used to be

I live to die and I die to live

I don’t want it I want to give

Back to you what you gave

Because I’m on a new rave

No longer can I be

What you ask of me

Armageddon is near

Believe I might have brought it here

You took away my gun

Look at what you have done

Why can’t you leave me alone

Because pretty soon I’ll be gone

I’ll take away the same

You are driving me insane