My World

My world
Lost in a world where no one is sane
I feed on your hunger and your pain Here in this place it always rains
You have everything to lose and nothing to gain
There’s no used to scream and shout You can’t run away because there’s no way out
Don’t worry you’ll be taking care of
You are welcome here because I am the man above
You may ask what is this place
I’ll tell you this it’s not one of senseless taste
Be at ease because here I am in control Someday soon you’ll all lose your souls I wish you could stay but it isn’t up to me
Some things you just have to let be
My world was perfect until I found out this
We all will die and leave this sweet bliss Now I feel I’ve got nothing left
There is more than just some petty theft Now I know that this is some one higher than me
He knows all here’s all and everything is what he sees
You may ask what is this place
No one knows for sure but we are all one race
Nothingness is peaceful on this side And we owe our thanks all to the guide As I sit here watching you
I wonder if God will help see the truth
We hated him for far too long
Ignored the warning signs and sang the same old song
Does he really care about us down here I’ve been made a fool of in front of my peers
It’s come true it’s the one thing I feared it wasn’t my fault can’t you all hear
You may ask what is this place
We will continue on the same pace
This isn’t an open and shut case
Don’t you worry my world won’t disappear without a trace
You’re in my world where anything goes The lightning flashes in the wind always blows
Imade my world perfect or at least that’s what I saw
But being perfect it is my only flaw


Dead Love

Dead love
I felt it when I first saw you
Didn’t express it because I didn’t know if it was true
I would tell you now but it’s too late
Bad things come to those who wait
After a while got tired of waiting for reply
When you left I saw a tear in your eye
Now you’re gone and it’s my love I’ve  lost
I’ve learned from my mistakes but you were the cost
You stayed beside me even though you weren’t sure
Just give me one more chance and I’ll make it mean more
I can’t help but wonder if I had told you how I felt
Would you have still left or would it have helped
I have to know would you still love me
You were the light in my darkness now I can’t see
You were everything then you went away
You’ve left me and now those words I can’t say
Now you are holding him in my place
Left with the pain inside and sorrow on my face
I hope he was smart enough to tell you
I’m happy for him because I know we are through
How good you’ll be to him I want him to know
What you would do for him if only his love he let’s show
Everyone says she is the best thing to ever happen with to me
Though I usually dissent this time I must agree
Her love has made me whole again
You can see I’m not the same man I was back then
It was her who brought the smile back to my face
It was her who brought me joy in this bitter place

What is love

What is love 

If I were asked this question a few months ago
I would have said what a crock
I felt it was something I would never know
For upon my heart I had placed a lock
And said a spell to make only one key
So I thought that I was finally through
I figured that no one could get to me 
And I never would have suspected you
In the time that we have been together you given me more than I’ve ever dreamed of
For you have let me be me in every way
You have given me all of your love
And please understand me when words I can’t say
I always thought love was something I could control 
I thought it was just another feeling 
But I’ve learned it is a whole other soul
As it begins in its stealing 
It brought out the honesty in this thief
And all the bad it comes to kill
It turns the winters brown green in every leaf
For against your love I have no will
And now I have learned a whole new rhythm
I thank God for every day that has gone by 
I bask in all this new found wisdom
And for new ways to show my love I’ll try
From this tormented being who had nothing
Thanks for promising you’ll always be here
For now to you I will forever cling
Thanks for showing me that you care
As my heart grows from your loves
And what could your best gift to me be
What’s the perfect gift given of yours
The love that you’ve given to me. 

The dark angel

I am the dark Angel I punish all for their sins
Can you not see what I am doing is right
You can say what you want me because I am doing what I have to do
I was brought back from the grave to repent of my sins
I have to prevent others from making my mistakes
I am the real lazarus man no one is going to stop me because nobody can
If you are of malcontent you best to watch your back because I will be coming after you
My charge to protect those who are innocent from the civilization that has rotted to its core
My name has but only one meaning
Restitution now I’ve become an angel but the lost demon lurks still within
When I was alive I lived a life of no remorse
I know you think God saw the good in me
And he gave me a second chance to prove myself worthy
But heaven’s gates I will never see and hell will always follow me
Nobody likes me but cares I have none
Brought back here for reasons unknown
Remember I’m coming for you
Neither demon or angel good or evil
The dark Angel that’s my name
Punishing that is my game
For my transgressions I was slain
It’s too late you can’t change the blame
Inside of me there is no shame
When I come for you you’ll never be the same
It’s best that you remember my name



Things are never how they appear

But listen not to others please my words hear

It comes to this now an apology I must make

Back my words is something I can never take

I merely hope that you can forgive me

What was done is done but I don’t want it to be

What I did to you I know I was wrong

But I pray your feelings for me are not gone

Just give me one more chance to prove myself

What I have said I meant it is how I felt

And still feel the same but is it the same for thee

To know your answer that is my only plea

I feel as though it was a dream from which I was rudely awoke

But the truth is reality made it all in to a big joke

To just go back to my dreaming is now all that I ask

For all I have is my memories in which to bask

I request another chance just one more try

To you it is that I make this heart filled cry

And to god I make this one last prayer

I just need to know if you still care

And ask for the courage for these words to say

May all the others but this wish fade away

If only I could be a thief again this prize I would never part

For the score in my eyes this time is your heart



Always on the run and what do I get

Nothing nothing but more of your sh*t

I try to understand but you don’t explain

The more I try the more I feel this pain

All I ever wanted was to just belong

All the happiness in me drained now gone

Some secretion I need some place to hide

I hate this for I know how you have lied


Oh so contrary

You aim to tranquilize what you have come to fear

All you hate lies in me so near

Silence it go ahead and make me a mute

I am ready I stand here destitute

I still can feel what you have planned to do

Proceed for I would if capable to condemn you

Glorify me silently censure me when they are around

Well try to chide this this is what I have found


Already told you

Already told you

I know I’ve already told you

but I want you to know it’s true

I know you know of my past

You know of my lies but your heart I don’t want to clast

Though it may be hard you’ll just have to trust

I’ll understand if leaving me is what you must

I know that it is hard for you to say these words too

But I can wait for I don’t want to rush you

I was enabled to tell you because I’m sure

I’ve known for a long time and I can’t keep it in anymore

I kept it inside because I thought it would be best

But all it’s ever done is create such a mess

But still I’ve kept it in for far too long

I realize it may not be the same for you and you may want to move on

Please don’t get upset because I can wait it through

And though I’ve already told you… I love you