What is love

What is love 

If I were asked this question a few months ago
I would have said what a crock
I felt it was something I would never know
For upon my heart I had placed a lock
And said a spell to make only one key
So I thought that I was finally through
I figured that no one could get to me 
And I never would have suspected you
In the time that we have been together you given me more than I’ve ever dreamed of
For you have let me be me in every way
You have given me all of your love
And please understand me when words I can’t say
I always thought love was something I could control 
I thought it was just another feeling 
But I’ve learned it is a whole other soul
As it begins in its stealing 
It brought out the honesty in this thief
And all the bad it comes to kill
It turns the winters brown green in every leaf
For against your love I have no will
And now I have learned a whole new rhythm
I thank God for every day that has gone by 
I bask in all this new found wisdom
And for new ways to show my love I’ll try
From this tormented being who had nothing
Thanks for promising you’ll always be here
For now to you I will forever cling
Thanks for showing me that you care
As my heart grows from your loves
And what could your best gift to me be
What’s the perfect gift given of yours
The love that you’ve given to me. 


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