I have a little riddle for you to do
It describes a person known unto you
He’s not that big but stands pretty tall
And to stop the hurt inside he has built a wall
His strength is stronger than you would believe
He keeps on going with all the pain his received
His eyes showed little of no evidence
Of the suffering he felt from birth and hence
They are among the prettiest that you’ll ever see
But they hide the most devious mind that ever could be
He walks in this world all on his own
Shunned the world and doesn’t want for you to moan
His hands are big and have caused great pain
But it is all a show he pretends to be insane
His heart is truly in the right place
Although you will never see it in his face
For his cold face is still just another show
He is the most tenderhearted person you know
He will help out anyone when he can
But it is a long he chooses to stand
He is rather average in his sense of build
But he comes not of an average guild
He is stronger than he appears
And oddly his strength is the one thing he fears
He will never turn down a chance to make a person smile
He says it makes his life seem worthwhile
Within his mind and evil plan always cooks
But it is hidden by the innocence in his looks
Everyone sees he is sweet and kind of cute
However he thinks it is all just a fluke
His family is of the greatest wealth
Not money and there’s is something else
To him that it is the fact they have each other
And That cannot be matched by no other


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