I will survive

watched the great one fall
would sure that I had heard it all
descried as the world began to go down
t all started in a little town

here they created what is known as the bomb
hen they tried to reconstruct what was called Nam
here will you be able to hide now
hen no one is there on your side anyhow

n this revised world the good gone bad
nsanity stolen from the affectionately mad
nterior flipped now on the exterior
ntrigued by how you have become inferior

iving with nowhere left for you to go
ost in this realm that you used to know
ife seems to have stopped just disappeared
asting through all of what you have ever feared

apsed back Time has fallen into the darkest of days
assitude has set in stopped me of my ways
eaked out from somewhere deep within
egions of evil let your war now begin

oldiers fighting in a never ending battle
ee the bloodshed from the change you rattle
eized this country right out of your hand
eizures have now cost you your dear land

nto you now is laid the burden of shame
nfair treatment and upon you is laid all the blame
nexpected trapped you have no fallback plan
topian-ism a lie that can be created by no man

egrets I only hope that you have none
evolution sweet vengeance now it has begun
uining everything all that was invented by you
evelations that the divulgence has become true

elocity has suddenly just changed direction
etoed your tyranny without your detection
aquero has somehow managed to have lost his herd
erbatim is two sided in case you have not heard

mpressment your philosophy did not work
solated from everything in the shadows you lurk
mmigrated by the world you have lost your name
mpeached you have been taken out of the game

eraciously the hours that you have wept
irtuosity pureness now that seems to be a concept
isitation that you request we shall deny
ariations so many ways for which you could die

arnestly now is all you can do to plead
cstatic we awaited and watch you bleed
ffectuated this has become all of our hell
ffacing us all I have my answer but can you prevail


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