Death is the only way out

Death is the only way out

How do I kill a part of me that just won’t die
Pretend it is gone but they can see through the lie
There is no way to outrun it
When I try I realize that it I am stuck in this sh*t
I run and run but it’s always going to be there
And I can no longer pretend that I don’t care
Ran for so long there’s nowhere else to go
But how to face it this I do not know
These old vendettas they always return A fire that seems to forever burn
I’m hurting the ones I love
My sanity shriveled to a little nub
I’ve lost everything that I had to hold
My own self righteously dug grave is so cold
I brought in the demons to make the hurting go away
But these demons are worsening me day by day
So go ahead and hate me I will understand
What in the hell have I done to what used to be this man I have killed myself without even knowing
The hurt and pain I’ve only been stowing
And I’ve shut everyone out for so long
Now that I need someone they are all gone
What the hell did I do can no one here my crying
I have one last plea before I had finished dying
I know there’s not enough sorry’s or apologies
To even make you feel an ounce of pity for me
But then again why should you right
I was never there for you so why should you be here tonight
To those demons I have invited inside
I realize that from my pain I cannot hide
No one will listen to me cry or shout
For to escape the sorrow of life death is my only way out So to those who are me get out now
All you’ve done is screw me and I’ll do it to you somehow
If death is the only way out Then it shall be
Prepare yourself for the armageddon within me
The war shall forever go on
Until one of us is gone
I brought you in and I shall take you out too
For this is that which I must do


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