Off the deep end

Off the deep end

Kind of getting dark but I can still see
What in the world is happening to me
Everybody seems to be gone now
I’m all alone but how
How can it be this way
Please hear the things I say
No one’s here for me to care for
It’s clear that no one cares for me anymore
Now all I have is this pain
Given to me by this humane
It’s clear to me
But how can it be
I’m taking a dive off the deep end
That’s where my life will end
Off the deep end
This is what I have to say
Even though it sounds crazy
But no one here gives a damn
If I had a gun maybe it will go Bam
Everything would all be over
Starting my life all over
There is a deep end
And I’m taking my jump off


The dark angel

I am the dark Angel I punish all for their sins
Can you not see what I am doing is right
You can say what you want me because I am doing what I have to do
I was brought back from the grave to repent of my sins
I have to prevent others from making my mistakes
I am the real lazarus man no one is going to stop me because nobody can
If you are of malcontent you best to watch your back because I will be coming after you
My charge to protect those who are innocent from the civilization that has rotted to its core
My name has but only one meaning
Restitution now I’ve become an angel but the lost demon lurks still within
When I was alive I lived a life of no remorse
I know you think God saw the good in me
And he gave me a second chance to prove myself worthy
But heaven’s gates I will never see and hell will always follow me
Nobody likes me but cares I have none
Brought back here for reasons unknown
Remember I’m coming for you
Neither demon or angel good or evil
The dark Angel that’s my name
Punishing that is my game
For my transgressions I was slain
It’s too late you can’t change the blame
Inside of me there is no shame
When I come for you you’ll never be the same
It’s best that you remember my name



I have a little riddle for you to do
It describes a person known unto you
He’s not that big but stands pretty tall
And to stop the hurt inside he has built a wall
His strength is stronger than you would believe
He keeps on going with all the pain his received
His eyes showed little of no evidence
Of the suffering he felt from birth and hence
They are among the prettiest that you’ll ever see
But they hide the most devious mind that ever could be
He walks in this world all on his own
Shunned the world and doesn’t want for you to moan
His hands are big and have caused great pain
But it is all a show he pretends to be insane
His heart is truly in the right place
Although you will never see it in his face
For his cold face is still just another show
He is the most tenderhearted person you know
He will help out anyone when he can
But it is a long he chooses to stand
He is rather average in his sense of build
But he comes not of an average guild
He is stronger than he appears
And oddly his strength is the one thing he fears
He will never turn down a chance to make a person smile
He says it makes his life seem worthwhile
Within his mind and evil plan always cooks
But it is hidden by the innocence in his looks
Everyone sees he is sweet and kind of cute
However he thinks it is all just a fluke
His family is of the greatest wealth
Not money and there’s is something else
To him that it is the fact they have each other
And That cannot be matched by no other

I will survive

watched the great one fall
would sure that I had heard it all
descried as the world began to go down
t all started in a little town

here they created what is known as the bomb
hen they tried to reconstruct what was called Nam
here will you be able to hide now
hen no one is there on your side anyhow

n this revised world the good gone bad
nsanity stolen from the affectionately mad
nterior flipped now on the exterior
ntrigued by how you have become inferior

iving with nowhere left for you to go
ost in this realm that you used to know
ife seems to have stopped just disappeared
asting through all of what you have ever feared

apsed back Time has fallen into the darkest of days
assitude has set in stopped me of my ways
eaked out from somewhere deep within
egions of evil let your war now begin

oldiers fighting in a never ending battle
ee the bloodshed from the change you rattle
eized this country right out of your hand
eizures have now cost you your dear land

nto you now is laid the burden of shame
nfair treatment and upon you is laid all the blame
nexpected trapped you have no fallback plan
topian-ism a lie that can be created by no man

egrets I only hope that you have none
evolution sweet vengeance now it has begun
uining everything all that was invented by you
evelations that the divulgence has become true

elocity has suddenly just changed direction
etoed your tyranny without your detection
aquero has somehow managed to have lost his herd
erbatim is two sided in case you have not heard

mpressment your philosophy did not work
solated from everything in the shadows you lurk
mmigrated by the world you have lost your name
mpeached you have been taken out of the game

eraciously the hours that you have wept
irtuosity pureness now that seems to be a concept
isitation that you request we shall deny
ariations so many ways for which you could die

arnestly now is all you can do to plead
cstatic we awaited and watch you bleed
ffectuated this has become all of our hell
ffacing us all I have my answer but can you prevail

Death is the only way out

Death is the only way out

How do I kill a part of me that just won’t die
Pretend it is gone but they can see through the lie
There is no way to outrun it
When I try I realize that it I am stuck in this sh*t
I run and run but it’s always going to be there
And I can no longer pretend that I don’t care
Ran for so long there’s nowhere else to go
But how to face it this I do not know
These old vendettas they always return A fire that seems to forever burn
I’m hurting the ones I love
My sanity shriveled to a little nub
I’ve lost everything that I had to hold
My own self righteously dug grave is so cold
I brought in the demons to make the hurting go away
But these demons are worsening me day by day
So go ahead and hate me I will understand
What in the hell have I done to what used to be this man I have killed myself without even knowing
The hurt and pain I’ve only been stowing
And I’ve shut everyone out for so long
Now that I need someone they are all gone
What the hell did I do can no one here my crying
I have one last plea before I had finished dying
I know there’s not enough sorry’s or apologies
To even make you feel an ounce of pity for me
But then again why should you right
I was never there for you so why should you be here tonight
To those demons I have invited inside
I realize that from my pain I cannot hide
No one will listen to me cry or shout
For to escape the sorrow of life death is my only way out So to those who are me get out now
All you’ve done is screw me and I’ll do it to you somehow
If death is the only way out Then it shall be
Prepare yourself for the armageddon within me
The war shall forever go on
Until one of us is gone
I brought you in and I shall take you out too
For this is that which I must do