Things are never how they appear

But listen not to others please my words hear

It comes to this now an apology I must make

Back my words is something I can never take

I merely hope that you can forgive me

What was done is done but I don’t want it to be

What I did to you I know I was wrong

But I pray your feelings for me are not gone

Just give me one more chance to prove myself

What I have said I meant it is how I felt

And still feel the same but is it the same for thee

To know your answer that is my only plea

I feel as though it was a dream from which I was rudely awoke

But the truth is reality made it all in to a big joke

To just go back to my dreaming is now all that I ask

For all I have is my memories in which to bask

I request another chance just one more try

To you it is that I make this heart filled cry

And to god I make this one last prayer

I just need to know if you still care

And ask for the courage for these words to say

May all the others but this wish fade away

If only I could be a thief again this prize I would never part

For the score in my eyes this time is your heart


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