Already told you

Already told you

I know I’ve already told you

but I want you to know it’s true

I know you know of my past

You know of my lies but your heart I don’t want to clast

Though it may be hard you’ll just have to trust

I’ll understand if leaving me is what you must

I know that it is hard for you to say these words too

But I can wait for I don’t want to rush you

I was enabled to tell you because I’m sure

I’ve known for a long time and I can’t keep it in anymore

I kept it inside because I thought it would be best

But all it’s ever done is create such a mess

But still I’ve kept it in for far too long

I realize it may not be the same for you and you may want to move on

Please don’t get upset because I can wait it through

And though I’ve already told you… I love you


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