It’s the truth though it’s hard to believe

It’s even more than my mind could have conceived

Though it sounds strange this is the true

I have fallen in love with you

There’s only one thing that stops me from confessing

The pressure of my friends pressing

On me I can’t handle it it’s just too much

So it is for these reasons I have kept it such a hush

This will be the only medium in which I have ever said

What I feel in my stomach and think in my head

This thing is the  closest to anything I could fear

That is why my friends shall never hear

For I will never tell another living soul

But in some way my affection you have stole

Aside from this no one else knows

And I hope that it never shows

I know that you feel the same for me

But because of things unsaid it will never be

Now time has gone by and I know that it was true

I still feel the same but is it the same for you?


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