A Word to Believe In

A Word to Believe In

There have always been bad things here,
But, from my eyes there never was tear;
And just when I was about to give in.
You came along and let all these new things in.
I can see now all that I have missed out on,
And it’s a scary thing to not be alone.
I know that you too have had a run of bad luck;
For this is harder to believe, than it is to shuck.
But I also know that this is the way it is supposed to be,
Because for the first time ever someone has looked at me.
There are no words that I could say to let you see how I feel,
And there are none that can let you know that it’s real.
But I have my word, which is all that I’ve got,
I thank you for giving me this one shot.
This single, solitary chance to prove I’m true,
And for all the time, and emotions, that I’ve gotten from you.
You are a first, the first, to ever try to understand,
Therefore, I owe you the opportunity to know the man.
I may seem to be complicated, but it’s all I show,
I do that, because that’s the only thing I know.
I made myself to where no one could get to me,
And fixed it to where the lies, they could not see.
My eyes hid everything, just like they were supposed to,
But know that I could never lie to you.
Since you came along, you turned my world upside down,
I get lost if I think of you not being around
You mean so much to me and you did it in so little time
It scares me maybe I’m just losing my mind
But I don’t want to scare, so if I have, I apologize
This was something I could not hide
I know you may worry about whether my intentions are true.
But worry not for I could never do anything to hurt you
I’m falling for you faster and harder with every passing day,
And though  make it seem easy, but this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say
But I just had to let you know, how I feel about you
And to assure you that I’ll be here as long as you want me to


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