Trapped in confusion

Symbol of Confusion

Symbol of Confusion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trapped in confusion

Got here by a mistake I made

Everything I’ve got has become jade

Going in the direction that I feel is forward

Trying to make a difference but get held down by the horde

Don’t think I ever wanted to change anything

I never tried to be a hero-ling

No different from all of you

Feel hate and pain through and through

But I merely revel in things like this

Speak but no one lists and it dissolves to nothingness

Nothing is spurious it’s all an illusion

Trapped in this clear orderly state of confusion

Up in the mind is where they ravish me

Increase suffering strip away reality

Forever trusting not knowing on my own

No reason no love just here to adorn

Down to rest my feeling I have laid

For some reason they just won’t fade

Pieces of me dying so I can stay alive

Always straightforward always in a jive

Killing the pain but only killing the man

Truly ad nauseam in the healthiest ad rem

Adoed admonition is truly an opus

Sounding salutary yet it is only adscititious

Intuition tells me to be mad still I smile

Humanity’s just a dream it’s all to vile

Cheer me up and always let me down

Forever searching for true adytum

Holding me down only hurting you

Fearing what you do not know killing Milieu

Ensconcing aesthesia from the aesthete

Too long you have done this treacherous feat

Broken state of mind under epimorphosis

Finding a way to escape with adroitness

Cessation will never arrive truly vertigo

Living eternity alone ner friend nor foe

Comprehend the words I’ve written without dis conception

Written in this is all of my erudition

Killed by my will not by my staff

Tis what I want written on my epitaph


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