Insane (2013 video game)

Insane (2013 video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There aren’t enough thoughts

But there are too many faults

I think I’m going insane

Can’t you stop the pain

I can’t stop what I can not control

No longer do I have a caring soul

What have I gotten myself into

Don’t let it happen to you

Love me hate me shape me rape me take me make me you

I’ll create it destroy it care for it abuse it too

I know you know we know they know that it just wont show

Be free look and see try and fly just die hold on you turn me on then you go

I no longer can see

This world like it used to be

I live to die and I die to live

I don’t want it I want to give

Back to you what you gave

Because I’m on a new rave

No longer can I be

What you ask of me

Armageddon is near

Believe I might have brought it here

You took away my gun

Look at what you have done

Why can’t you leave me alone

Because pretty soon I’ll be gone

I’ll take away the same

You are driving me insane


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