Thanks (For Nothing)


Sometimes I can feel your pain

And I catch myself screaming your name

Often I wake up in a sweat

I feel the same as when we first met

But I turn and look and you are gone

And it is then I know that I am alone

But it’s just that these feelings I can not shake

And this new pain I just can not fake

But I’ve learned a new way to make it through

And then I’ll have my revenge on you

I thought nah just forget it

I am through with all of your shit

What have you ever done for me

You have given me nothing but misery

So you can see now my dear

It’s because of you that I am here

I owe you everything that I am

So that is why I now don’t give a damn

And you shalt pay for my sins too

Because you showed me how to be like you


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