What is Done

What is Done

All that I did, all that was done
All was for you, but for me was none
In your time of need, it was me you volunteered
And when I looked back at you; you cheered
Me onward to do those things, no one else would do
All used up, I do more, all because of you
In my time of glory, while I was not looking
Deep within you, you had a plan that was cooking
To deny me the rights that I so truly deserve
So I hope you are happy, you’ve gotten to my last nerve
I will give you what you want, just for one last time
But no more from now on, my true light will shine
It puzzles me, on why you would do so
But I care not, nor do I wish to know
All the time I gave and gave, but never did I receive
Until finally you gave me something though it’s hard to believe
What did you? You ask; you gave me my reason
To do this, what is done


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