Wanna Be

Question, were should I start
This one is going to hit close to your heart
You and your hypocrite ways
And your promises of better days
I guess I’ll give it to you
You had me without a clue
What I did, you contradict
You taught how to be perfect
Well that’s what I wanna be
Can’t you make into me
Teach me of your humanity
Come on strip of my insanity
Civilization rendered so many walls
Man made to many laws
You wanted me as your robot
Change me, take your best shot
Teach me of what is “Right”
Push me up to win your fight
Anger me up to see what I’ll do
Breed me to make me more like you

Feel your judgment passed
Your new power you can barely grasp
But somewhere it all went wrong
Taught me so much I learned to think on my own
My own concepts and beliefs I’ve styled
So now you labeled me as Belial
All that time I thought it was me
But you are the wanna be
Everything you built is based on sod
But there is only one god
Now it’s all clear to me
You’ll never become it, you’re just a wanna be


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