I know you hear me knocking, so why can’t come in
Oogh, I’d never lie to you, don’t you know that’s a sin
There’s a pain so far down, buried deep inside
So far so, so good, but how long will it hide
Oogh, ogh; forgive me for what I’ve done
Don’t you know that? You are the one
I am sorry, for ever hurting you
But why does it see, that your love wasn’t true
Girl you don’t have to run, won’t you just stay
My life is in ruins since you went away
Won’t you sit down, and talk with me for awhile
Was that a laugh, you know I sure miss that smile
Well what has happened to us, I used to make you laugh
But now you are gone, and I travel alone on this path
But now my words and memories only make you cry
So my curse is true, so alone I will die


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