The ride is over but it was fun,
While it lasted but this is the last one
For too long I’ve kept you going with my lying
Lie no more cause truth is I’m dying
Hate, hate has always surrounded me
I blamed it on you, but it was my jealousy
It was me who caused you to destroy
Told you it was justice, but it was just a decoy
So I could blame you for the hurt that I caused
I never felt sorry till I stood and paused
To reflect on all that was devastated by my hand
The darkness in the realm of light is this man
I did to you what I felt was done to me
That doesn’t justify it, but stands to be
D one is done; finished but it was wrong
I apologize now before I’m gone
It may be hard to believe, because of my past
Believe what you want, but I told the truth at last
If you don’t believe me, stop me when you heard too much
Laid upon your heart, it hurts, because the truth has begun to touch
The lies were well thought through, and proven by the innocence in my eyes
The innocence was lost long ago and I wish to apologize
For all that I’ve done, wrongs I can’t right
Engulfed in the darkness, hiding in the light
Pretending to be what you wanted of me
Still you chose not to accept what I have come to be
The fear of not being accepted grew too much
The pain, reached a highest level of such
Such greatness to where the pain felt great
Then the more I lied, and more pain you caused, made it feel good to hate
For the first time I felt as though I was apart
And I kept it going on until I had no heart
But still I kept going until I could no longer dream
To lose the ability to dream is to lose everything
That’s for the best for now I do not feel ashamed
I at least know that I am to be the one blamed
I merely hope that I can be forgiven
For making worse the world I live in
I’m sorry; I hope I haven’t gone too far
Will you catch me I’m a falling star?


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