That was the last time I’d believe in your lies
I’ve learned to see through the deception in your eyes
All it’s ever done, is just hurt me
Thought of you as a friend, but your just an enemy
But now is the time to stop it all
I’ve fallen down but you continue to beat until it hurts to crawl
I’m never going to give up, won’t give in. I cannot quit
Go ahead, hurt me some more, just get on with it
I don’t understand why you hate me. But I’m not going to complain
I’ve taught myself to where I can’t feel the pain
Tried not to but all I can do is hate you
Blood or not, it doesn’t matter, we’re through
We were siblings once, but not any more
For the time is now to settle the score
The only thing you ever taught me is distrust
I am not going to fall for it again
My heart lays in pieces that will never mend
My own emotions and feelings I’ve begun to smother
See, what you taught me, My brother


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