I know I’m only a teen
But that don’t mean a thing
Because I’m’ sick and tired of what they put you through
And I sick an tired of what they say, too
They think that you’re here for them to step on you
Now it’s time to stand up for our rights
An, now’s the time to stand up and fight
Now is the time to say I don’t give a damn about what they say about me
Cause now I don’t care and all I want to be free
It’s time to break these chains and take charge of my life
I want to be me all I want is to be me
All I want to be is me
I don’t care what you want for me
I want to fly higher than
I want to be better than
I want to run faster than
I want to be smarter than
I want to control my life more than
You could ever dream
I’m like a free bird now, softly, bird, and fly
An I don’t want to do what you say
I don’t want to join your army
I only want to be me, that’s all I’m cut out to be
And you can’t change the unchangeable
You can’t move the unmovable
And you can’t make me do this any more
Cause I ‘m just going to be me
That’s all I’m going to be


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