I Was Wrong

I Was Wrong

Never knew her like I should’ve
Didn’t take the chance when I could’ve
Now I’m left wandering what might have been
How could I have let this happen?
How could I let her get away?
I can’t stand it, can’t take this convey
Thought it would be better, to just let her be
But now, all its doing is driving me crazy
All I ever did was say her name
But for more, I took the blame
I will not lie I wanted to do more
But it never surpassed a thought and my mind it tore
But that’s not true, it’s all a lie
She is still here, she’s just not mine
And now we are in the middle of a test
And I’m stuck wishing for the best
But my question is what the best would be?
For there is another whose heart belongs to me
What if her feelings for me are real?
For already my life has come to a stand still
Who I want is what I must choose
But do I have everything to gain or nothing to lose
No matter what, I’ll hurt someone
But so far hurting me is all it has done
My feelings are insanely true
But is it the same in you
If not I hope we can still be friends
For nothing between us ever really happened
But I don’t know if it could be the same
For now for the first time I feel shame
I will always think of you as more
The sight of thy beauty will make my imagination soar
And I will always remember that night of you and me
But the thought of it never happening again is making me crazy
I was wrong….


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