The Evil

The Evil

You want to be like, want to be like me
But the one you try, the one you try to hurt is me
Hurt me I won’t feel, I won’t feel a thing
All I ever wanted to, wanted to be was the king

You criticize me, but I am you.
You see I can play this game, too
Kick me when I’m down, kick me more
You do my deeds with no mind for what’s in store

It’s my ways that you are not supposed to follow
I am the lump in your throat that you can’t swallow
I am the voice in your head, the one that you can’t control
I am the one who wants you dead, the one that wants your soul

I have become you and without me you can never be whole
And with time, my wrath will take its toll
You can’t kill me so your attempts are feeble
I am he who wants it all, for I am the evil

I want you to look into my eyes, and they will gain your trust
But behind them are lies that I must
Use to change you, and use to deceive, too
I use them to be, to become one with you

I’m the pain inside, the pain inside that makes you kill
I’m the one that, the one that you can’t feel
Blinded by your rage, I’m your only optical
Who’s to say the things you do are immoral

Hate is the only, the only weapon I can use
But I swear, I swear I’ll be nice if my ways you choose
It’s just you, just you and your body I want to abuse
For I am the evil, so no matter what way you go you’ll lose

Lying, cheating, and death are mine, all my things
Still want to be like me, for sorrow is all it will bring
Nothing good will come, will ever come from me
Please open your eyes, open your eyes can’t you see

I want you to, I want you to be a big man
Come on bring it bring it on like I know you can
Do what you got to, do what you got to do, I want frown
Step up, step up to me, and I’ll put you down


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