Hate with all you’ve got, and love me with nothing less;
I never asked anything of you, other than your best.
I know I have stepped on many toes to get to where I am,
So for my own transgressions I shalt be damned.
But you are the one, for, that I feel this sorrow;
Cause you see, it’s your hate which I learned to borrow
For it was you that that taught me how to hate,
And now you know that it is for too late;
For stopping me from destroying myself.
Fearing there’s no way to stop the pain I have felt.
I was merely someone to listen, just a friend;
A confidant, to which my feeling I could extend.
But I know that I’m lost here without a soul;
Knowing there’s know one here to complete me, to make me whole.
But I must engage my fears, to erase my painful past;
To escape the memories of this life, I yearn to surpass.
Must forget myself to proceed; for this outbreak to continue,
All of this I am forced to do, in order to confront you


One response to “Confrontation

  1. Originally I started this as an attempt at a love poem although like most the go astray. As you will see if you read my others. I know what love is just not sure if I can write about it so the journey continues….

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