The Offering

The Offering

How can I describe the way I feel about you,
There are no words that could make it true.
So beautiful and engaging is your smile,
It makes my life feel worthwhile.
Your eyes or so open and revealing,
But I feel that your beauty is concealing;
S what secrets might you hold inside.
What are the feelings that you are trying to hide?
I would do anything to find out.
What your thoughts are all about.
I’ve told you how I felt, but you feel I’ve lied,
But to me your beauty can not be denied.
If only you knew how beautiful you are.
If only I knew how to tell you I think you’re a star.
Such a sweet voice, tainted by harsh feeling.
You’re been hurt before, by bad dealing.
I know that’s why answering me you fear,
But how can I prove that my offer is sincere.
You are so special, but you don’t even know.
I wish your feelings you would just let me show.
I wish I could tell you, how much I care,
And when you’re about to give up I’ll be there.
I want you to know how much I love you.
You don’t have to be afraid to say you love me, too.


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