A Bitter Kiss

A Bitter Kiss

Sometimes all you have is this pain
Struggle as you try, but you just can’t break the chain
It haunts you, with every passing day
Try to forget it, but you know there is no way
Afraid to sleep, because it’s worse when you dream
Even worse yet, when you don’t, it seems
You could never admit it, but it’s a part of you
Along side every little thing that you do
There’s no way, you’ll never overcome the denial
It’s been there so long .you can’t remember how to smile
They say that all things, love can heal
But this is one that can’t be real
Losing a battle that I didn’t know I was in
No where to turn for I have no friend
Memories leaving with every day
Struggle to hold on to them in every way
More and more the agony takes over you
Dumbfounded there’s nothing I can do
Hopeless the fear soon becomes the crutch
To use to keep others from hurting you so much
And you know that this is no way for you to live
But how to change it, when you do not know to forgive
It’s this that makes you never want to love again
But it’s unfair to blame someone for other’s sins
Then you feel the solitude, think you’re all alone
Everyone around you seems to be gone
But cry not for all who have ever lived, have felt this
All just a part of life, a bitter kiss
Time will bring changes in your season
Though it’s not for us to understand the reason
Tragedy soon turns to comedy, then romance
And you give love another chance


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