My Brother

My Brother

Stripped my smile away
Leave me with nothing else to say
Just started to show our love
Taken away by the great man above
I have to accept it, there’s nothing else I can do
“Why?” Why has god chosen to take you?
I can never be able to understand why
But it is the end of life, we all will die
This time, though, it has been a mistake
We look at you and wish you would awake
All the fears we ever dared to dream
This Is worse it has torn us from the seam
Though blood is thicker than water, the water succeeded
And took you away despite what we pleaded
This new reality that has dawned is for worse
Who or what has lain upon our heads, this awful curse
The funeral has happened, but it still doesn’t seem real
Even with time these wounds will never heal
We will never forget, because of the pain
And I quote, “The memory remains.”
If only you could have see the people there
You never would have guessed that many cared
And it will always feel wrong
But you are gone,
My Brother


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