I wish I could dream
I wish things weren’t what they seem
I wish I could wish
I’d wish myself, away from this
I wish that you could see
What you are doing to me
But I’m so BLINDED by your love
I’m BLINDED by their hate
Sheltered as though I’m in a glove
It’s to massive in weight
I wish I could decrease the pain
I wish that everything was the same
I wish the wishing was through
I wish you treated me like I treat you
I wish that I’d stop this endless night
I wish that I only have my sight
But I’m so BLINDED by everything
Lost, I don’t know what I can cling
I pray that it’s you girl
I wish you would quit
I wish there’d be more to it
I wish I knew when to say no
I wish that you too, would know
I wish I knew what to do
I wish earlier that I would have found you
But you were so BLINDED by your tears
You were BLINDED by your crying
You forgot of your fears
And didn’t realize you were dying


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