Locked in cell in a far away place
Stands a man and tears roll down his face.
Put in jail for a crime he did, but did not commit,
He sits alone as his sanity is eaten piece by piece, bit by bit.

His crime, a simple but rash one,
Even now he says his job is not yet done.
See he is standing up for what he believes,
And now his punishment with open arms, he welcomingly receives.

We can all learn a lesson from him,
He has done more than scratch around life’s brim.
And even now he doesn’t regret what happened,
I wouldn’t call what he did a sin.

He has figured out what we all need,
But it’s to late, for they’ve pulled up the blade of the guillotine
As they began to ring his death bells,
With his last breath, he spoke these words clearly
“We need freedom from ourselves.”


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